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Traditionally in Chinese Medicine, when you needed a herbal medicine you would attend a consult and the doctor would prescribe you a personalised herbal concoction. This was often made from a collection of raw herbs that you would take home, cook and then drink for the prescribed period.

To be honest, I find this method quite difficult to stomach myself. I am sure I am not alone which is perhaps why in modern times, Traditional Chinese medicine has been turned into powders, pills and pillules. In these forms, the flavours are subdued and better tolerated. Often the coat of the pill or pillule hides most of the flavour, making it more comfortable to take. The common combinations or recipes, of herbs are known as Patent herbs.

At Queanbeyan Acupuncture we stock Sun Herbal products to cater for common complaints that present to us. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order herbs to arrive in a little a few days. Sun Herbal meet Australian Goods Manufacturing Practice standards, regulated by Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA) using “A” grade herbs from China.

Do you have trouble relaxing? Having difficulty with your sleep?