Oncology Massage

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Oncology massage was developed over 10 years ago. Massage therapists trained in Oncology massage undertake specific training to gain a better understanding of cancer, it’s impacts on the body and associated situations arising from cancer and its treatment such as wound sites, stomas, catheters and ports.

They have an understanding that you need to work with the whole body. Oncology massage therapists can tailor the massage to suit each individual. This is important as each person is unique.

Massage has been found to be extremely beneficial for people who have a diagnosis or history of cancer. Oncology massage is a light touch massage.

Research has shown that the quality of life is improved in cancer patients that have massage. It may reduce the side effects experienced of treatment including radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Massage may also reduce the symptoms of the cancer itself such as pain (Cassileth and Vickers 2004). (Oncology Massage Training Pilot Study)

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